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myTECQ is dedicated to maintaining and improving your IT system’s

productivity and efficiency

myTECQ (myTECQ) is a result-oriented information technology and professional services company that focuses on helping our clients increase efficiency and reduce cost through quality solutions that are flexible and secure. We are a leader in providing real value and expertise in integrated information technology solutions with proven success. Our world class service and solutions keep your company moving forward.


We are dedicated to helping banking and financial services institutions protect and enhance information technology value in a rapidly changing complex business environment. We partner with banking and financial services companies to help them navigate through the complexity of information technology, managed services, business continuity, business impact, vendor management, penetration testing, and audit / examination support. We work closely with our clients to anticipate, analyze and build solutions to overcome complex business challenges.

From All Angles – Leave I.T. to Us

We assist you in responding to the ever changing and complex information technology needs with a suite of services that address each unique challenge.

IT Strategy, Architecture & Documentation

IT Strategy/Architecture Guidance, Build blueprint and documentation of existing IT infrastructure

IT Hardware & Software

Special discounted Buy/Lease pricing for IT Hardware/ Software

Third Party Governance

Procedures, policies and ongoing management

Audit/Examination Support

Meeting / interacting with auditors, examiners & regulators to manage expectations, provide supporting documentation & information

IT Security & Penetration Testing

Penetration testing and certification

Business Continuity Planning & Impact Analysis

Planning, development, execution, ongoing maintenance and testing

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Our Services

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myTECQ offers a diverse range of information technology business solutions to help solve your most complex business challenges. Our diverse business solutions provide you with Quality, Flexibility, and Security.


myTECQ is dedicated to maintaining and improving your information technology system’s productivity and efficiency, and providing you with quality, flexibility and security. Our client centric focus and services are designed to help you with your business needs and maximize your operational performance. We are here to help you, anytime and anywhere.

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