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myTECQ provides IT solutions for banks, credit unions, and other financial service companies. While there are many companies that improve IT systems, we are uniquely qualified as the IT experts for the financial industry.


Application development is the design of computer programs to perform specific tasks to an organization’s unique operations. This process ranges from initial research, to development, to modification, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other related activities.


Executive dashboards allow corporate executives to easily view the important key performance indicators (KPI’s) at a glance in real-time and thereby make strategic business decisions. The beauty of a dashboard is that while there is so much data gathered and warehoused by the company, this graphical interface brings a summary of all the data together into one place to avoid the hassle of having to log into multiple systems. The data displayed on the dashboard can be completely customizable based on the executives’ needs, but often includes areas such as accounting, customer relationship management, and email systems. The effectiveness of the decisions executives can make is directly correlated with how simple, yet intuitive, corporate data is displayed on the dashboard. It’s meant to aid in quickly identifying areas of the business that deserve attention, and further investigation.


Executives will save countless hours reviewing a single, insightful dashboard rather than digging around the various business systems trying to run reports. They allow business plans to be created, proactively measured against, and encourage improvement. To design an insightful dashboard requires not only advanced programming ability, but much more importantly, an in-depth understanding of industry-specific trends & KPI’s. myTECQ is uniquely positioned to help you develop exactly the software you need.

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