myTECQ provides IT solutions for banks, credit unions, and other financial service companies. While there are many companies that improve IT systems, we are uniquely qualified as the IT experts for the financial industry.


At myTECQ, we have the experience working with examiners and auditors to help you improve your scores and reduce findings. We work with you and examiners to respond to requests and answer their questions, which in turn will improve your CAMELS score, as it pertains to IT.


A key component in a successful examination is the preparation. We work with you to develop supporting documentation to address examination questions. Even before the examination takes place, we review and update documentation, including your network topology, security, policies. Besides just preparing and responding to examinations, we can work with you to architect, design and implement an infrastructure that would please even the most critical examiners. Let us work with you to design and implement a secure, highly functional infrastructure and help you communicate this to your auditors and examiners.

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