Case Study: Business Continuity Planning and Testing

Each year, auditors and examiners require that banks perform Business Continuity Testing, which also includes updates of the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Business Continuity Plans (BCP). Given the limited resources of a smaller institution, myTECQ was engaged to provide this service to our client.


As we began the engagement, myTECQ documented the entire network topology. We then reviewed the existing BIA and BCP documents to determine any changes since the prior testing period. We then met with each business unit to review and update any changes in business practices and documented the various financial impact areas and costs associated with a business interruption for varying durations of time. We then updated the BIA and BCP documents to reflect the changes/updates.


Finally, we worked with each business unit to identify test cases for each business interruption scenario, which we then tested in conjunction with the business users in both on-site and off-site tests. Following the tests, we were able to identify enhancements and improvements to both systems and processes to improve day-to- day operations, as well as better prepare the bank in the event of a business interruption.