Case Study: Data Center Move

Our banking client had architected its infrastructure to have redundancy with 2 data centers located in different areas of the country. Although the hardware was replicated, back-ups were not in place. Further, the client had installed a $4,000/month point-to- point circuit for failover between the 2 data centers. However, the back- ups were not functioning properly. Additionally, some applications were installed at only one data center with a rudimentary and extremely slow means of accessing the applications.

Enter myTECQ. After assessing the requirements, which included regulatory requirements for back-up and business continuity, as well as cost and functional requirements, myTECQ completely redesigned the infrastructure. myTECQ physically moved all hardware to a single Data Center. It also re-architected the way the applications were accessed, resulting in faster response time and much greater up-time. The new architecture was completely compliant with regulatory requirements and ended up eliminating the need for the $4,000/month circuit, as well as the rack rental space at the second data center. The move occurred over a holiday weekend. When employees arrived the following Tuesday, all systems were functioning better than before. Several employees noted that, in their experience, this was the smoothest data center move they had ever experienced.