Case Study: Email Archiving & Retrieval

Our banking client was involved in a law suit, which required the recovery of many emails between various correspondents, including former employees and external customers. Some of the emails dated back several years. The bank had not properly archived its emails, so the retrieval process was taking several days to even weeks in some cases.

myTECQ was asked if it could speed up the process as these types of requests were expected to continue for some time. myTECQ was able to evaluate the requirements and provide several alternative solutions. Its recommendation not only addressed the requirement for quicker retrieval of emails, but it also provided a better back-up and recovery solution going forward. The bank accepted the recommendation from myTECQ and implemented the solution. The result: email retrievals went from over a week to less than 2 hours; and the back-up/recovery solution more than satisfied the business and regulatory requirements.