Case Study: Equipment Procurement, Configuration and Implementation


Our client, a deNovo bank, was looking to purchase desktops, servers, firewalls, routers and all other IT related equipment and
software for all of its users. The bank obtained information and quotes from HP, Lenovo and Dell, as well as from other resellers. In addition to the equipment, they needed advice and configuration assistance in architecting the entire bank’s infrastructure.

After obtaining information and quotes from other sources, the bank approached myTECQ to provide comparison information on both the architecture as well as the equipment purchase. myTECQ worked with the bank’s IT personnel to come up with an effective design that was also cost-effective. Although we were not privy to the cost information from other vendors, myTECQ was able to provide all of the needed equipment, at a cost which turned out to be lower than all other vendor quotes, and we provided the configuration of all of the equipment and assistance in installation to get the bank up and running.