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Data backups & failover are procedures to ensure that your organization never experiences any downtime for its operations. It is the automatic process of switching over to a redundant, secondary system should the primary components of a business’ system (databases, servers, networks, etc.) experience an unexpected critical error, failure, or even scheduled down time. This process is a must-have for businesses, and should run seamlessly. Once the primary system is once again functional, the secondary server restores the system back to its original state, and then turns to standby while the primary system re-takes command.


The main purpose of a proper failover system is to eliminate (or significantly reduce) the impact to both users when the system fails. If a backup is not readily functioning or available when a failure happens (and failures will assuredly happen), at the most basic level, users will be significantly frustrated. More concerning, however, is if no backup is available to recover any sensitive or valuable information, and the entire failure becomes a significant loss to the company. myTECQ can ensure that your systems are always up-to- date, functioning, backing-up, and ready for failover or load balancing.

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