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myTECQ provides IT solutions for banks, credit unions, and other financial service companies. While there are many companies that improve IT systems, we are uniquely qualified as the IT experts for the financial industry.


Data warehousing is the process of accumulating data for the express purpose of business intelligence, namely, data mining, analysis, and reporting. These massive repositories of operational data allow for analytical reports to be generated based on current and historical information. The results of these analyses and reports are improvements to the existing operational systems, creation of new marketing objectives, etc. Ultimately, it allows for the executives and CEO of the company to make better business decisions.


Our experience is the difference. Our ability to turn data into valuable information using cutting edge tools and processes is what sets us apart. We are in the business of providing data transformation, quality validation, and automation to our clients. We believe it is possible to create a reporting environment that can deliver the necessary transparency and capabilities required by businesses and regulators today and in the future. It requires a mature approach to data, and client involvement, and that’s what we provide.


As part of the myTECQ support capabilities, we provide extensive management and support for your data center equipment. Our support services for data centers help you address challenges with servers, storage, software and networking equipment, everything that constitutes a data center, or the related processes involved in managing data center equipment. Our Data center support services also include architecture, installing and configuring technical equipment, load balancing, testing and anything else you need to get and keep your data center running optimally.

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