myTECQ provides IT solutions for banks, credit unions, and other financial service companies. While there are many companies that improve IT systems, we are uniquely qualified as the IT experts for the financial industry.


Developing an IT strategy is an integral part to a completed overall business strategy. It can be the catalyst to business growth. When functioning correctly, proper IT technology plans encourage innovation and inspire efficiency, which helps business gain a competitive edge. But to have a proper IT strategy in place, as with any strategy, it should be derived from the corporate vision, mission, and objectives. Namely, the plan should consider: how integral the technology is to current business operations & objectives; to what extent is future technological capabilities a part of the vision; and how will those resources be allocated? The overall plan will include many elements and require prioritization of projects and fund allocation. Each project should be done in sequence.


Once a basic strategy has been determined, myTECQ can provide additional help with the following:


  • IT System Blueprint & Documentation (Architecture)
  • Infrastructure design and implementation
  • Hardware and Software procurement, configuration and implementation
  • IT Security: Penetration Testing & Certification
  • IT Audit Support

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