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myTECQ provides IT solutions for banks, credit unions, and other financial service companies. While there are many companies that improve IT systems, we are uniquely qualified as the IT experts for the financial industry.


Network management is simply the process of managing & monitoring of an organizations computer networks. This can include: network security, protection from unauthorized users or attacks; performance, removing bottlenecks that restrict network efficiency; and reliability, making sure hardware and software components do not malfunction for users. Should any particular failures happen, the network administrator is promptly alerted to resolve the issue. Network monitoring, however, is not about resolving errors alone; it is all about managing the technology of an organization to run at its optimum efficiency.


Pre-emptively identifying threats and opportunities through network monitoring can be of great benefit to an organization. It ensures that all necessary hardware and software never go offline nor disrupt normal business operations. With network monitoring, a business owner can have peace of mind that the system is under watchful eye 24/7. Should something happen, the alert system allows for the critical time needed to implement disaster recovery protocols beforehand to keep business running as usual. Appropriate monitoring can show opportunities for growth or increased capacity. It can save money by reducing hours necessary to troubleshoot or resolve prolonged errors. It can result in having more time to spend elsewhere for increased productivity. And the financial losses avoided by undetected system failures ultimately result in more time for the business to run smoothly, meaning increased profits. If this all sounds like the type of business you’d like to run, myTECQ is happy to provide you with a network monitoring solution.

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