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Project management is the system by which an organization moves a specific task or event (aka project) from initial idea to completion. It is comprised of all of the processes of “initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing” a team’s work to reach their specific goals while working within the necessary constraints of time, quality, scope, and budget.


As part of the project management system, goals & objectives need to be defined early on, tasks need to be delegated, resources (both human &financial) must be managed, quality controls must be set in place, and a schedule must be created, periodically reviewed and adhered to. Failure to do so results in wasted resources, delay of progress, and a bottom line increase of costs.


At the end of the day, project management is all about getting things done. When all appropriate aspects of project management are followed, projects have a much greater likelihood of being completed and achieving the desired results. myTECQ can help your institution develop project roadmaps, annual budget plans, and both IT system & operational improvement implementations to meet your core business KPI’s.

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